DYFI express our deep sorrow and grief in the death of Marques.

Nobel Laureate literary writer Gabriel Garcia Marques expired yesterday at the age of 87. The Central Executive Committee of the Democratic Youth Federation of India dips its white flag with deep sorrow in the passing away of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

He was one of the most preeminent writers of magical realism. He was a great man who gave great reach and prestige to the spanish literature. Although Gabriel Garcia Marquez is known as a master of Magical Realism, reality is a central theme in much of his work. We express our deep sorrow and grief in the death of Marques. "A famous writer who wants to continue writing has to be constantly defending himself against fame." And he was so all through his life. A very close friend of Fidel Castro and the left movement in Latin America. His books are a treasure, filled with high romanticism. His novels are intoxicating...  The world will be divided as an era with Marquez and without Marquez...

Marquez claimed much of his early work, all reflect the reality of life in Colombia and this theme determines the rational structure of the books.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez was born in Aracataca, Colombia on the sixth of March. 1928.Until Marquez was eight, he lived with his maternal grandparents in Aracataca. His grandmother, Tranquilina Iguaran Cotes, was an avid storyteller. She gave Marquez a deep reservoir of folkloric knowledge about omens, premonitions, dead ancestors and ghosts. The sincere manner in which she told her stories would have a profound effect on the mature writings of Gabriel García Marquez. His grandfather, Ricardo Marquez Mejia, had fought in at least two Colombian civil conflicts. His stories of battle and conflict captured Gabriel García Marquez’s imagination.

He has left us in years of solitude. But, his unique gift of imagination, the ability to find sotires from surroundings, all will inspire the generations to come. The CEC of DYFI join the millions who are in deep sorrow with his passing away.

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