Revolutionary salute to Che Guevara on his martyrdom day

Revolutionary salute to Che Guevara on his martyrdom day. You can kill a person, but not his ideas. His ideas live through the countless youth in the world who tremble with indignation at the face of injustice... He was killed on 9th October by American soldiers. We move around with the same ideals of Che... in a world where majority of the people and youth think about what they will get out of everything they do or they are supposed to do.

We would like to denounce this utiliarian life style and want to remind the youth of the world the life of this ultimate revolutionary who was born in Argentina, led Cuba's revolution along with Fidel and Raul Castro, fought for the freedom of various countries and died in the Bolivian forests....

We salute and value the sacrifice and struggle. Times have changed. Yes. But the story of sacrifice will continue. We will carry forward his legacy....

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