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Quality education and decent employment to one and all – that must be the national agenda !

Empty slogans cannot feed mouths!

‘Modi sarkar’ has been a huge disaster for the youth of India. They had come to power promising 2 crore jobs every year. Instead of providing the promised jobs Modi gave chest thumping speeches in abundance along with free advice to sell pakodas !  ‘Make in India’, ‘Skill India’, ‘Digital India’, ‘Start up India’, ‘Stand up India’ etc. are publicity stunts to cheat the youth. It seems, the government believes public memory is short. So they change grand slogans every season. 

Students and Youth of Mumbai gathered against violence and discrimination against Africans in Indian cities on Monday 3rd April, 2017 in front of Mumbai University Main Gate, Kalina Campus. Leaders of DYFI and SFI strongly condemned mob violence against African nationals that occurred in Delhi last week. The protest meeting was addressed by DYFI leaders Preethy Sekhar, Adv. Pradeep Salvi and Prasad Subramaniam, SFI leader Kavita Vare and Progressive Students Forum leader Saqib Khan. All speakers called upon the progressive sections to reaffirm anti-imperialist comradeship and unity of Indians and Africans.

The text of email to #PM on the #SPEAK UP IF IT IS NOT SAFE campaign initiated by DYFI has been released.

The text of email to #PM on the #SPEAK UP IF IT IS NOT SAFE campaign initiated by DYFI has been released. Sumati, mother of Soumya received the text from Adv. Mohamed Riyas, National President of DYFI. Soumya is the Brave young lady who succumbed to death after being attacked brutally and thrown from train while returning home in Kerala. Her mother said such protests are needed and expressed her solidarity with the initiative. #DYFI Central Executive Members Adv. V P REJINA and Nitin Kanicherry were also present. Let us all come together to ensure that yet another Soumya and Rasila Raju do not happen in our country.

Sunday, 12 February 2017 23:05


Rasila Raju OP, a software professional, was brutally murdered inside the Infosys office in Pune a week before. The incident has once again brought to public attention the sad state of women's safety in the information technology and BPO sector. The practice of forcing employees including women to work late nights and weekends is widespread, even when it is possible to give them options to work from home. Often, this is forced upon employees in spite of growing safety and health concerns raised by them. The corporate Human Resources departments, which are supposed to ensure fair working conditions, rather resort to reminding the employees of their contractual obligations made at the time of hiring, the interpretation of which stands for unlimited working hours without any overtime pay. Many of these facilities operate in Special Economic Zones (SEZs) where the enforcement of labor laws is scant.

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